3-2-1 Fit


3-2-1 Fit

Want a Personal Trainer to gain some conditioning and lose some weight? Look no further!

3-2-1 Power

Power sterk

3-2-1 Power

Looking for a Personal Trainer to gain some strength and add some muscle mass? The 3-2-1 Power program is for you!

3-2-1 Core

Buikspieren core training

3-2-1 Core

Looking for a Personal Trainer to gain some more stability for your sport? Having back pains? Build a strong core? This one is for you.

3-2-1 Group Classes

Groepslessen Small group training

3-2-1 Group Classes

Looking for a fun, high intensity, group workout, with a group of friends? Join the group trainings!

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Train hard, live easy

Personal Training is not just for top athletes or people who are already in great shape! At 3-2-1 Fit, we focus on regular people, just like you and me. Most clients just want to lose a few kilo's, pack on some muscle or get rid of that annoying back pain so they can live a healthier and happier live. And that is exactly what we want you to achieve! Our motto is simple: give your 100% best and you will be rewarded for it. It is our job as a personal trainer to help you guide and facilitate that road to health and fitness by learning you how to move, eat and live the right way.

Some of the benefits of getting a personal trainer:


Want to get the most out of that 1 hour spare time you have to work out? Instead of having to search for a program or look up what exercises you will do and how to properly perform them, just get a Personal Trainer to do that part for you!


Time and time again, people have tried to get results on their own and failed because of various reasons. You don't have to try 100 times on your own. By hiring a Personal Trainer, you'll increase your odds by a huge margin, no matter if you want to build muscle, lose some weight or just get fitter.

Lower risk of injury

By getting guidance on your exercises, you will learn proper execution and repetition numbers to aim for. Pieter-Jan is also a certified Physiotherapist who knows what can cause injuries and how to treat them.


No 2 people are the same, and therefor need different approaches, which you will never get from a general fitness program which is the same for everyone. We assess your strengths, weaknesses and goals and make an appropriate program.


By using a big dataset of exercises, there will be ample variation. The coaches also regularly search the internet for new exercises and/or games for bootcamps to implement.

Steady build-up

By progressively increasing your workout intensity, we aim to improve your fitness. This is according to one of the key training principles, named "progressive overload". In short: your body will adapt if you keep in repeating the same things. We'll make sure that won't happen by aligning your current level and your goals on a personal basis.


Motivation is a key part in keeping up with your program. Get a professional Personal Coach to push you hard and get to your true potential.

Our Personal Training Facility

To optimise the training options, any Personal Trainer needs a lot of equipment. What better way to do so than to have a facility? At 3-2-1 Fit, we have a wide variety of equipment to keep you busy and keep throwing new and challenging exercises at you. For more info, go the the Training Facility tab in the menu above!