Groepslessen Small group training

What’s this?

You like hard workouts, together with friends and bathing in sweat? Like a challenge? 3-2-1 Small Group Trainings are just for you! Come join us in these open for everyone, 6 people max classes.

We offer 2 kinds of group classes: Fit classes and Power classes.

  • Our Fit Group Classes can best be compared to a CrossFit class or a Bootcamp. They are combinations of stability exercises, fun games, strength work and high-intensity parts. Just like CrossFit and Bootcamps, variation is key. We don’t want you to get bored!
  • In the Power Group classes, we focus on powerlifting, weightlifting and strongman. Expect a lot of barbells and kettlebells, lots of kilo’s and limited cardio!

Combine the best elements of a Personal Training and a Group Training with this formula!

Fit classes are on tuesday mornings at 7:00-8:00 and thursday evenings 20:00-21:00, while the Power classes are on saturday mornings at 10:15-11:15.

For who?

This is the right choice for you if:

Groepslessen Small group training

  • you are looking for a more personal approach than the traditional fitness classes in big groups
  • you want to be challenged
  • you want to gain some conditioning and/or strength
  • you want to work out around some other people and have fun

3-2-1 Group Classes are held at our location. They are limited in number of participants (6) to ensure quality of the classes.

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