So what sets 3-2-1 Fit apart from other Personal Trainers?

First of all, we focus on working with regular human beings, not top athletes. We want to guide you to a healthier life, with sports included, by improving your lifestyle step by step and with attention to the individual.

Our motto is simple: “Train hard, live easy“. Put in the effort and give it 100%, and results will follow.

Personal Training

Training with 3-2-1 Fit can be described as follows:

Challenging: We believe in challenging our clients to get the most out of them. It doesn’t matter what your level is: we will try and get you to give it everything you’ve got, so you can get maximal results.

Diet and monitoring: 1 hour a week with us won’t make the difference if you east like a pig at home. We offer a free nutritional series, supported by dietician Yentl Vandeberghe, with weekly assignments. Also, our unique monitoring system will help you stay in line and not misbehave. This is an optional program, but 100% free. For more info on it, click here.

Variation: We have our own training facility, which allows for tons of possibilities. All of our equipment is also multifunctional and can be used for multiple exercises. No 2 sessions will ever be the same.

Personal trainer training

This is for example visible in the 3-2-1 Fit program, in which all 10 fundamental physical skills are trained.

Test-retest: how do you know if you improved or not? By testing. We run a variety of tests, and from time to time we measure your performance and evaluate your progress.

Fun: Often, a game will be used to lighten up the session!

At 3-2-1 Fit, we offer both Personal Training and Group Classes. Whatever fits you best!

Click here for more info on Personal Training or here for more on the 3-2-1 Group Classes.

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