Book review number 4: Tools of Titans

Next up in the “I am reading a book” series (look at me, a personal trainer who can read!) was from the same author as last time, namely Tim Ferriss. This bestselling book describes tactics, routines and habits of billionaires, icons and world-class performers. This isn’t really your classical book, but more of a compilation of what succesful people think, do and say. Some were extremely interesting, motivating and insightful, while others not so much. Or maybe I’m too close minded?

Tools of Titans |

The book is divided into 3 main parts: health, wealth and wisdom. In each of them, various well-known names share their insights. Since these are vary different sometimes, I won’t start listing all of them, just the most important ones.


A few things that stood out:

  • Tim Ferriss likes drugs. And so do a lot of his guests.
  • Fasting is also a popular thing to do, ranging from intermittent fasting (mostly periods of 8 hours where you can eat, followed by 16 in which you cannot) but some people take it even further and do occasional multiple day fasts, one in particular taking it up to a full week.
  • The ketogenic diet (very low carbohydrates) is all the craze.


This one is hard to summarise, because there are a lot of different insights here, some of which are polar opposites…

  • Be passionate about what you want to do in life. Don’t give up too fast.
  • When you think you have a brilliant idea and everyone agrees, it will probably not change the world. It’s the ideas that nobody believes in that will have the biggest impact. Be unique and new.
  • Failure will happen, over and over and over. It’s how you react that matters.
  • Pics Photos - Meme Of WisdomMost of these people meditate of have another morning routine.
  • Work when you are most productive.
  • Be a giver, don’t be selfish.


  • In 500 years, we will all be dead and nobody will remember most of us. We are just miniscule parts of the universe.
  • Don’t be afraid. Take a shot. Regret is the worst thing you can have in life.
  • Don’t take yourself too seriously either.


Overall conclusion

The book was definitely worth the read, not necessarily because all of it is true or I agree with everything, but to open your mind to different points of view and opinions. We are limited by our views, and although we can have our own opinions, that does not make them correct. And like one of the pointers above said: sometimes, what nobody believes in can actually be a brilliant idea. Not always, but sometimes.

It is also nice to be reminded of things we know, but maybe have lost track off. Do what you love, know what you want in life and don’t forget you’re not the only one on this planet.

All in all a nice one to read!