13 August: 3-2-1 Liftoff (unofficial Powerlifting event)

Sunday August 13th, we will be organizing an unofficial powerlifting event at 3-2-1 Fit!

The first 10 men and women who register by sending an email to pieterjan@3-2-1-fit.com. Registration is only final when you have transferred the 10 euro entree to BE06 7360 2161 7122.

Yes: wrist wraps, belts, sleeves, PR’s
Not: suits, straps, not going banana’s when you hit a PR.

Prizes for the following winners:
– best total woman
– best total woman relative to bodyweight
– best total men
– best total men relative to bodyweight

In case a man/women wins both categories, the 2nd prize will go to the 2nd best lifter relative to bodyweight.

8u30-9u30: registrations + weigh ins
9u30: short briefing and going though the commands
10u00: start women squat
11u00: start men squat
12u00: start women bench press
13u00: start men bench press
14u00: start women deadlift
15:00: start men deadlift
16:00: award ceremony

19-25 juni: Bring a friend-week

Bringing a friend was definitely a good idea. A ton of fun and definitely up for a repeat!

25 maart 2017: Opening Reception Training Facility

Although 3-2-1 officially opened its training facility March 15th, this was the opening party for everyone to come. Photos below!

18 december 2016: Bootcamp For Life

The 18th of december 2016, we organized a bootcamp event for Vriendtjes Tegen Kanker, which raises money for ovarian cancer research (more info on www.vriendtjestegenkanker.be). In total, we managed to collect 441.47 euro and 0.25 dollars. Thanks to all participants!

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor warmste week 2016

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor vriendtjes tegen kanker