February 11th: Barefoot Awareness Workshop

Your feet may be dying, and you don’t even know it!

Foot health and mobility is an often-overlooked part of our bodies these days.

vivo barefoot

Our over-reliance on “conventional” footwear and unnecessary use of foot orthotics have made most people’s feet weak and deformed. Even for the super-fit!
Depending on the extent of use, health issues in healthy adults related to loss of foot mobility, feet/knee/back pains start to manifest itself as early as the mid-20s. In the worst of cases, surgery becomes necessary or permanent damage to feet and/or joints become irreversible.

This course will provide some of the theoretical aspects of the feet, shoes,and what to look for in a shoe that does not get in the way of your foot function.

We will have physical exercises, show underfoot profile maps with a foot sensor and provide potential solutions you can take to keep your feet healthy and strong. After all, healthy strong feet are a foundation of a healthy strong body.

You will have the opportunity to test Vivobarefoot Shoes and purchase them by informing in advance your preferred models.

Cost: Free – Sponsored by Vivobarefoot Brussels.

Max number of attendees will be limited to 12 persons.
Please register to via the Google Docs form:

January 21: 3-2-1 Test! Free Performance Testing


Want to know how fit you are? Come to our FREE test days and find out exactly where you stand!

Testing is a key principle at 3-2-1 Fit. To measure is to know! How else do you know if you are making any progress?

Come do our 6 tests (body composition, balance, shoulder and core strength, endurance and explosiveness) and discover where you are at. We end with a group circuit training, after which your results can be discussed.

LIMITED TO 10 PER SESSION! Registration is required by emailing pieterjan@3-2-1-fit.com.

December 10: Burpees For Life

Sunday December 10th, 3-2-1 will organize a burpee marathon to raise money for ovarian cancer research. The goal is to have at all times at least 1 person doing burpees during these 6 hours.

You can support us by participating, sponsoring for every burpee done or by sponsoring for a fixed amount. You can of course also just come by and have a drink/snack.

October 31- November 4: 3-2-1 Halloween

Creepy monsters and spooky ghosts will be reigning at 3-2-1 Fit in the week of october 30th. Everyone who is dressed up for a group class, gets his/her class for free! Come join in… if you dare.

September 19-23, 2017: Bring a friend-week part 2


Time for part 2 of the bring a friend week!

Do you have that friend who’s on the edge of trying some sports, but he/she is not quite sure yet what to do?

Bring them to the Bring a friend-week!

Not only will every friend you bring get a free training, you yourself will also get a free session. Even better: if your buddy buys a 10- or 50-sessions card, you get 5 free sessions added to yours!

Please make sure they are also registered via the acuity planner on the website, to ensure a proper planning. (Click here)

See you soon!

August 13, 2017: 3-2-1 Liftoff (unofficial Powerlifting event)

Sunday August 13th, we will be organizing an unofficial powerlifting event at 3-2-1 Fit!

The first 10 men and women who register by sending an email to pieterjan@3-2-1-fit.com. Registration is only final when you have transferred the 10 euro entree to BE06 7360 2161 7122.

Yes: wrist wraps, belts, sleeves, PR’s
Not: suits, straps, not going banana’s when you hit a PR.

Prizes for the following winners:
– best total woman
– best total woman relative to bodyweight
– best total men
– best total men relative to bodyweight

In case a man/women wins both categories, the 2nd prize will go to the 2nd best lifter relative to bodyweight.

8u30-9u30: registrations + weigh ins
9u30: short briefing and going though the commands
10u00: start women squat
11u00: start men squat
12u00: start women bench press
13u00: start men bench press
14u00: start women deadlift
15:00: start men deadlift
16:00: award ceremony

June 19-25, 2017: Bring a friend-week

Bringing a friend was definitely a good idea. A ton of fun and definitely up for a repeat!

March 25, 2017: Opening Reception Training Facility

Although 3-2-1 officially opened its training facility March 15th, this was the opening party for everyone to come. Photos below!

December 16, 2016: Bootcamp For Life

The 18th of december 2016, we organized a bootcamp event for Vriendtjes Tegen Kanker, which raises money for ovarian cancer research (more info on www.vriendtjestegenkanker.be). In total, we managed to collect 441.47 euro and 0.25 dollars. Thanks to all participants!

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor warmste week 2016

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor vriendtjes tegen kanker