I am opening my own facility!

I’ve been coaching for a while now, and I am pretty sure I’ve found my passion, which is why I started 3-2-1 Fit. Coaching people and helping them on their road to health and fitness is a big deal, and even more: being trusted to guide that road is an honour. But what bothers me is the limited “ceiling” of training options I am sometimes presented with. As a big fan of strength training, there is only so much you can do with a kettlebell and a medecine ball. I feel like I owe people more options than that.

It was time to for a big step. That is why I signed the contract for my own location a few hours ago.

WHERE? Redingenstraat 27, 3000 Leuven. That’s inside the ring of Leuven, but still very accessible by car.
WHEN? Starting March 15th
WHAT? There will be mostly personal trainings, also some group trainings and some bootcamps in the park nearby.

You are hereby all invited to my opening reception! (probably somewhere in April, date will follow)