Personal trainer coach

Nutritional series

Working out is half the battle. What you put into your body has a huge effect on your performance! That’s why we developped a 10-part nutritional series for you, with a call-to action at the end of every part. In this way, we try to gradually educate you and get you to adopt healthier eating habits, step by step. This program was developped with the help of certified dietician and trainer at 3-2-1 Fit, Yentl Vandenberghe.

Individualized home schedule

You won’t get any results if you only work out once a week. We try to aim for at least 3 workouts per week. For this, we provide an individualized home training schedule, with way more variation and challenge than the traditional “do 3×10 of this, 3×12 of that, …” schedules.

Monitoring program

You start off your Personal Training with great intentions, give yourself 100% during the weekly workout, but in the remaining 167 hours you are struggling to watch your nutrition and train: it’s a story I hear all the time. Unfortunately, this often leads to you not getting the results you wanted.

Personal trainer coach

Time to solve this. Thats why we developped a monitoring system for people who need that extra push in the back.

The way it works is simple: you fill in an online spreadsheet every day with your energy levels, nutrition, sleep and training quality. That way, we can monitor you better and see where things are going wrong. On the other hand, you are also confronted with the fact that for example you have been scoring 3-4/10 on nutrition for the last week.

The monitoring system is 100% free, but only available for those who are motivated to do so and fill in the file on a consistent basis.

Online support

Last but not least, we are there for you when you need it! We can always be reached via email or phone