What’s this?

The vast majority of my clients want to simply lose some weight, get healthy and fit again. They want to fit into those clothes from 3 years ago again, and be able to chase their (grand)kids around without feeling tired all the time.

The 3-2-1 Fit program focusses on fitness in its broadest sense, meaning we focus on the 10 fundamental physical skills which are all included in the program. Most traditional programs will only focus on 2 or 3. At 3-2-1 Fit however, we want to make you 100% fit!


For who?

This is the right choice for you if:

– you want to lose some weight
– you feel like you need to adopt a more active lifestyle
– you want to be able to run again
– you want to get rid of that aching back pain

By assessing your current status and comparing them to your goals, a plan is made for you to make steady improvements and get into a fitter version of yourself. Just as easy as 3-2-1… Fit!

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