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Tired of hearing all kinds of confusing advice on nutrition? Ever tried a diet promising you to lose 10 kg in a month, only to not get any results at all?

That’s exactly what happens to a lot of people out there. And it shouldn’t be that way!

That is why I am offering you a 100% free, no strings attached nutritional 10-part series, in which I explain the basics on nutrition, calories, losing weight, … Sign up below before February 5th, and get the free 10-part series with over 50 pages of content sent to you!

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A good program takes your current fitness level into account. There is no point in saying “do 5 sets of 10”: for some people this will be too light, for others it will be too hard.

That is why this program uses different starting points and levels. You do 3 standard tests, which classify you in one of 5 categories. According to that, you train for 4 weeks, then you retest and see if you made any progress. After that, you can restart the 4 week cycle again, with some hopefully better levels!

No equipment needed (well, a jumprope if you have one)

Check it out!

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